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On the iCMLf Knowledge Centre - an interactive online resource developed by International CML experts from the iCMLf, there is a module on pediatric CML.

Chaired by Professor Meinolf Suttorp and Professor Nirmalya Roy Moulik, this module outlines a comprehensive review of the treatment of pediatric CML. You can acces the presentations here that cover all relevant aspects of pediatric CML:

  1. Difference between adult and pediatric CML (Dr Deepam Pushpam, India)
  2. Predisposition and genetic factors in pediatric CML (Professor Markus Metzler, Germany)
  3. Management of pediatric CML in the resource-restrained setting (Dr Nirmalya Roy Moulik India)
  4. Treatment recommendations for pediatric CML - Chronic phase (Professor Frédéric Millot, France)
  5. Treatment recommendations in pediatric CML - Blast phase (Dr Stephanie Sembill, Germany)
  6. Treatment-free remission in pediatric CML (Professor Nobuko Hijiya, USA)
  7. Tyrosine kinase inhibitor toxicity in pediatric CML (Dr Maaike Luesink, The Netherlands)
  8. Parenting in children with CML (Professor Meinolf Suttorp, Germany)
  9. Impact of tyrosine kinase inhibitors on growth and endocrine function in children with CML
    (Professor Meinolf Suttorp, Germany)

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