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Keynote presentations from the recipients of the 2021 iCMLf Prizes

The 2021 iCMLf prize winners have been awarded their prizes during the 23nd John Goldman E-Conference on CML.  After the award ceremony, they shared insights into their scientific and clinical work for CML over the past years during keynote presentations. You can view recordings of the Rowley Prize, the Goldman Prize and the iCMLf Prize keynote presentations here.

Collage iCMLf prize winners 2021 Kopie


  • 2021 Rowley Prize: Professor Susan Branford
  • 2021 Goldman Prize: Professor Giuseppe Saglio
  • 2021 iCMLf Prize: Dr Damira Bayzakova












Janet Rowley Prize Presentation 2021
Presenter: Jerry Radich (Seattle, USA)
Awardee: Susan Branford (Adelaide, Australia)




susan branford




Keynote Rowley Prize 2021:

BCR-ABL1 dependent and independent molecular factors that influence treatment outcomes
Professor Susan Branford (Adelaide, Australia)
Head of the Leukemia Unit at the Department of Genetic and Molecular Pathology, Centre for Cancer Biology, SA Pathology and University of South Australia, Adelaide






John Goldman Prize Presentation 2021
Presenter: Robert Gale (London, UK)
Awardee: Giuseppe Saglio (Turin, Italy)



Giuseppe Saglio


Keynote Goldman Prize 2021:

CML beyond TKI therapy
Professor Giuseppe Saglio
(Turin, Italy)
Professor of Haematology and Internal Medicine, University of Turin

    2021 iCMLf PRIZE

 Damira Bayzakova


iCMLf Prize Presentation 2021

Presenter: Gianantonio Rosti (Bologna, Italy)
Awardee: Damira Bayzakova (Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

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