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Keynote presentations from the recipients of the 2022 iCMLf Prizes

The 2022 iCMLf prize winners have been awarded their prizes during the 24th John Goldman Conference on CML in Mandelieu (France).  After the award ceremony, they shared insights into their scientific and clinical work for CML over the past years during keynote presentations. You can view recordings of the Rowley Prize, the Goldman Prize and the iCMLf Prize keynote presentations here.

Collage 2022 Prize winners Kopie


  • 2022 Rowley Prize: Professor Oliver Hantschel
  • 2022 Goldman Prize: Professor Andreas Hochhaus
  • 2022 iCMLf Prize: Giora Sharf / Jan Geissler






IMG 2641 Oliver HantschelJanet Rowley Prize Award 2022

Presenter: Michael Deininger (Milwaukee, USA)
Awardee: Oliver Hantschel (Marburg, Germany)




Keynote Rowley Prize 2022:

Molecular mechanisms of BCR-ABL regulation and its inhibition by allosteric and orthosteric inhibitors
Professor Oliver Hantschel (Marburg, Germany)
Director of the Institute for Physiological Chemistry, Chair of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, Philipps University of Marburg (Germany)





IMG 3815 Andreas HochhausJohn Goldman Prize Award 2022

Presenter: Robert Gale
(London, UK)
Awardee: Andreas Hochhaus (Jena, Germany)


Keynote Goldman Prize 2022:

Professor Andreas Hochhaus (Jena, Germany)
Head of the Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology at Jena University Hospital, Jena (Germany)




IMG 4699 GioraJan

iCMLf Prize Award 2022

Presenter: Andreas Hochhaus (Jena, Germany)

Awardees: Giora Sharf (Netanya, Israel) / Jan Geissler (Munich, Germany)


Keynote iCMLf Prize 2022:

20 years of evidence-based patient advocacy in CML: a story of close collaboration with researchers
Jan Geissler (Munich, Germany)
Co-founder of the Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation that hosts the CML Advocates Network / Founder and Managing Director of Patvocates / Founder of the German online patient community


Keynote iCMLf Prize 2022:

Patients perspective on cure in CML
Giora Sharf (Netanya, Israel)
Co-founder of the Leukemia Patient Advocates Foundation that hosts the CML Advocates Network /
Founder of 'Flute of Light', an Israelian Blood Cancer Patients’ Organization

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