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Shady Awad 1

Non-BCR-ABL1 molecular biomarkers of prognosis in CML
Dr. Shady Awad, Hematology Research Unit Helsinki,
University of Helsinki (Finland)

  • Clinical heterogeneity and biomarkers in CML
  • Somatic mutations in CP-CML
  • Epigenetic modifier gene mutations in CP-CML
  • CHIP and clonal evolution in CP-CML
  • Somatic mutations in BP-CML
  • Fusion genes and rearrangements in CML
  • Gene expression signatures (GES) as prognosis markers
  • scRNA-sequencing in CML
  • RUNX1 as an example of mutation-induced GES in BP-CML
  • Molecular biomarkers of DMR
  • Epigenetic modifier gene mutations as a biomarker for TFR
  • Challenges and prospets

This talk was first presented during the  Scientific Working Group Session – ELN-EHA-SWG for CML: 'Understanding the pathogenesis of CML' at EHA 2022