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What is the iCMLf?

The iCMLf is a Foundation established by a group of hematologists with a strong interest in CML. 
Our mission is to improve the outcomes for patients with CML globally. We are currently registered as a charitable foundation in England and Wales but our charter is global.

What are our aims and priorities?

The aims of the International CML Foundation (iCMLf) are to foster and coordinate global clinical and research collaborations and to improve clinical practice and disease monitoring in CML. There are numerous activities that could come within this broad charter but the initial focus is to meet the needs in CML that are not already being met by other groups, particularly those needs that are best met by a global organization.

What are our guiding principles?

  • A focus on chronic myeloid leukemia and related disorders
  • A truly independent not-for-profit foundation
  • Collaboration with, but independence from, the pharmaceutical industry
  • A global foundation with broad representation from all geographic regions
  • Priorities and policies determined by hematologists and scientists involved 
in CML research and patient care
  • Close consultation and cooperation with CML patient groups
  • Active collaborations with key national and regional leukemia groups

How is the iCMLf governed and financed?

The iCMLf has


ESH LogoThe iCMLf was co-sponsor of the International Meeting on CML with  the European School of Hematology held in Bordeaux, September 11-13 2009, and will provide scientific leadership for future annual meetings (eg in Washington DC in September 2010)

>> Link to the conference's programme

iCMLf website: A global community for CML researchers, clinicians and carers

icmlf-logo-shadow_logo_200px"How did we ever do this before we had the Internet?” springs to mind when looking at international networks like the iCMLf, the European Leukemia Net or the CML Advocates Network. The Internet has become indispensable to share knowledge, collaborate and communicate globally. Despite CML being a rare disease, experts on all continents collaborate very closely to improve CML treatment. This worldwide community of hematologists is a perfect example for the Internet era. The iCMLf website aims to strengthen that community collaboration further.