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iCMLf website: A global community for CML researchers, clinicians and carers

icmlf-logo-shadow_logo_200px"How did we ever do this before we had the Internet?” springs to mind when looking at international networks like the iCMLf, the European Leukemia Net or the CML Advocates Network. The Internet has become indispensable to share knowledge, collaborate and communicate globally. Despite CML being a rare disease, experts on all continents collaborate very closely to improve CML treatment. This worldwide community of hematologists is a perfect example for the Internet era. The iCMLf website aims to strengthen that community collaboration further.

When establishing the iCMLf, we wondered what we could do to support the communication and collaboration between CML experts that are spread all across the world. Despite a small budget, the iCMLf has gone one step further: Rather than just implementing a website presenting the iCMLf activities, we have built an interactive CML community. This article illustrates what the iCMLf’s website can do for you.

  • Information about the iCMLf, containing information about the iCMLf’s mission, executive structure, scientific advisors, national representatives, partners, sponsors and officers. Additionally, descriptions of our meetings, projects (such as the Emerging Regions Support and Partnership Program) or publications (e.g. Oncology Times recent coverage of the iCMLf).
  • Newsletter Subscription, allowing visitors to be regularly updated about iCMLf’s projects and upcoming meetings via an emailed newsletter. To subscribe, please click on Newsletters and provide your name and email address.
  • Documents and Files, allowing members access to relevant files and also providing a shared file space for those involved in iCMLf projects. iCMLf project members can easily share files within the team.
  • Discussion Forum for interactive discussions about iCMLf’s Strategy and Priorities. For example tackling diagnostic testing and disease monitoring for CML patients in developing countries. This is the place to share views with the global CML community, and let the iCMLf team know your suggestions. To read and contribute in the forum, you need to register on the website, as the Discussion Forum is available only to registered Members of the website.
  • Find other CML community members registered on the iCMLf website. Registered members can easily search for other members, e.g. in a country or organization, and contact them individuals. To do so, go to the Member Area of the website, click on Website Members and then on Search Users.

It will be through the engagement of the CML community that the iCMLf will achieve its goals. We welcome and need your participation.

How do I join the iCMLf Community and access the Forum?

All you need to do is register on the website. Go to (or Homepage > Login > No account? > Register) and enter your details. You will then receive an email where you need click on a link. Your registration will then be approved and you’re ready to go!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Jan Geissler, iCMLf’s Communication Coordinator, at, or leave a message in the iCMLf Feedback Forum.