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jose_l_lopezJosé Luis Lopez, MD

Caracas, Venezuela

Dr. Lopez is a Professor of Hematology and Internal Medicine at the "Universidad Central de Venezuela". Head of  the Department of Hematology Clinics at the Banco Municipal de Sangre in Caracas, starting his work in this Institution in Hemato-Oncology Clinic at 1991 and developed the Molecular Dx Laboratory in 1992.

He occupied the Secretary position (2001-2003) at Venezuelan Society of Hematology and was a Founder Member of the National Transplant Organization of Venezuela.

Dr Lopez is an active member in the Investigation Department of his Medical Center and have been interested in Clinical Research and Molecular Genetic of Chronic Leukemias, collaborating like an Investigator Overseas in NCI-Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program (1995-1997).