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Collage 2023 Prize recipientsNovember 2023 - Each year, the iCMLf award winners give keynote presentations at the John Goldman Conference on CML: Biology and Therapy to share insights into their scientific and clinical work for CML over the past years.

The keynote presentations of the 2023 prize recipients are now available to view on the iCMLf website.

You can listen to Professor Jerry Radich outline ‘CML is still important and relevant’, Professor François Guilhot discuss his vast clinical trial experience from IRIS to SPIRIT toward treatment discontinuation for CML patients and Professor Irina Dyagil and Dr Kostyantyn Kotlyarchuk talk about challenges and successes in providing hematology service for CML patients in the Ukraine.

View keynote presentations from the 2023 prize recipients

Take a look at these inspiring lectures from the 2023 award winners – all incredible personalities who contributed so much to CML and who will share with us their experiences, personal perspectives and thoughts on their career in CML.

  • iCMLf Rowley Prize
    Awardee: Professor Jerry Radich (Seattle, USA)
    Keynote presentation: CML is still important and relevant
  • iCMLf Goldman Prize
    Awardee: Professor François Guilhot (Poitiers, France)
    Keynote presentation: From IRIS to SPIRIT toward treatment discontinuation for CML patients
  • iCMLf Prize
    Awardees: Professor Irina Dyagil (Kyiv, Ukraine) &
    Dr Kostyantyn Kotlyarchuk (Lviv, Ukraine)
    Keynote presentations: Hematology service for CML patients in Ukraine: challenges and successes

View the videos of the Rowley Prize, the Goldman Prize and the iCMLf Prize presentations here

We’ll be in touch soon regarding the 2024 prizes and look forward to your nominations.