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Collage iCMLf Prize winners 2023 KopieJanuary 2024 - We have already received many nominations from the CML community for the 2024 iCMLf Prizes. These prizes recognise outstanding contributions to the CML community. And it will be difficult to make a choice again...

Nominations are open until January 31st so you can still take the opportunity to nominate another ‘Giant in CML’ for their enduring commitment and excellence in CML.

For inspiration; last year’s winners were; Professor Jerry Radich (Rowley Prize) Professor Francois Guilhot (Goldman Prize) and Professor Irina Dyagil/Dr Kostyantyn Kotlyarchuk (iCMLf Prize).
You can view their keynote presentations at 2023 iCMLf Prize Winner Presentations

Now cast your nomination for 2024...

iCMLf Prizes

If you would like to nominate someone for one of the prizes below, please send us the persons’ name, institution, and a brief rationale for your recommendation. You can learn more about the prizes and see previous winners here:

  • The Rowley Prize - Recognising outstanding contributions to our understanding of the biology of CML.
  • The Goldman Prize - Recognising outstanding contributions to the management of patients with CML.
  • The iCMLf Prize - Recognising outstanding contributions to overcome the challenges of treating CML in low and middle-income countries.

Please nominate here or by emailing

Nominate for the 2024 Prizes

We look forward to your nominations!