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Carolina PavlovskyThe 2019 iCMLf Prize is awarded to Dr Carolina Pavlovsky (Argentina)

The 2019 iCMLf Prize winner is Dr Carolina Pavlovsky, Head of the Research Department at Fundaleu (Foundation to fight Leukemia), in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been awarded the prize for her efforts to continually bring the ‘real-world’ perspectives of the emerging economic regions into the scientific discussion of CML management. This prize is awarded by the iCMLf for outstanding contributions to the improvement of CML treatment under the challenging conditions of emerging economic countries with unequal access to monitoring and treatment.


Nick CrossThe 2018 iCMLf Rowley Prize is awarded to Professor Nick Cross

‘Nick Cross has been the driving force behind the harmonization of molecular response criteria in CML, especially deep molecular response, a critical step towards making TFR possible and practical. He has also led the discovery and description of BCR-ABL-negative CML-like syndromes.’ (Timothy Hughes, Chairman of the iCMLf)

The 2018 Rowley Prize winner is Nick Cross, Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Southampton (UK). Professor Cross receives the prize in recognition of his scientific achievements to better understand the molecular pathogenesis of chronic myeloid leukemia and the development, validation and standardisation of genetic tests.

Jorge Cortes 2013The 2018 iCMLf Goldman Prize is awarded to Professor Jorge Cortes

'Jorge has led many of the most important CML trials over the past decade and is now regarded as the pre-eminent world expert in CML management. He has also tirelessly disseminated his unique expertise to colleagues at his own centre and around the world.' 
(Timothy Hughes, Chairman of the iCMLf)

Jorge Cortes, Professor of Medicine and Deputy Chair at the Department of Leukemia at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, has been awarded the 2018 iCMLf Goldman Prize. The award celebrates his globally recognised expertise and life-long commitment to the management of patients with CML.

The 2017 Rowley Prize is awarded to Professor Tessa HolyoakeGlasgow TessaHolyoake

Tessa Holyoake, Professor of Experimental Haematology at the Glasgow Paul O’Gorman Leukaemia Research Centre has been awarded the 2017 iCMLf Rowley Prize.

The Rowley Prize is awarded each year by the International CML Foundation to celebrate people who have made outstanding lifetime contributions to the understanding of the biology of CML. Professor Holyoake receives the prize in recognition of her ground breaking work understanding and targeting CML stem cells.

Hemant MalhotraThe 2018 iCMLf Prize is awarded to Hemant Malhotra from India 

'The award recognises Hemant’s remarkable achievements in CML management in a challenging environment and his work to improve outcomes for CML patients.' 
(Timothy Hughes, Chairman of the iCMLf)

The iCMLf Directors and Advisors have selected Dr Hemant Malhotra, Senior Professor at the SMS Medical College Hospital and Head of the Division of Medical Oncology at the RK Birla Cancer Centre in Jaipur (India) as the 2018 iCMLf Prize winner. Dr Malhotra receives the prize in recognition of his tireless efforts and remarkable achievements to advance the treatment of CML patients in India and neighbouring countries.

The 2017 iCMLf Goldman Prize is awarded toTimothy Hughes

Professor Timothy P. Hughes

The iCMLf Directors and a panel of previous prizewinners have named Professor Tim Hughes as the 2017 recipient of the iCMLf Goldman Prize. Named in honour of Professor John Goldman, the Goldman Prize recognises lifetime contributions to the management of patients with CML.

Professor Hughes is an internationally recognised expert in the biology and treatment of CML. He led the establishment of the molecular response criteria that are now used worldwide to measure response in CML. He has also been Principal Investigator for many CML trials and has been on the management committee for many of the key global CML trials using kinase inhibitors.