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iCMLf Clinical Preceptorship Program Overview

The intention of this educational program is to enhance the knowledge of physicians treating patients with CML in emerging regions. Preceptorships combine practical experience, one-to-one-tuition, seminars and laboratory work. Thirteen centres of excellence host visitors, each can accept two or more clinicans.

Preceptorships will last from three to four weeks and are available in English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish speaking centres. 

Topics covered include:

  • Therapies to treat CML; efficacy, toxicity and the management of side effects
  • Monitoring guidelines
  • Management of resistance
  • Role of allograft in CML
  • Developments in novel therapies, vaccines and drug cessation

Now in its tenth year, the ERSAP Clinical Preceptorship Program is having a positive impact in the treatment of CML across emerging economic regions. Feedback from preceptors has confirmed that the goals of the program are being met, indicating improved knowledge and plans to share this with colleagues at home. Preceptors form collaborations with the host centre and many are undertaking further research projects. 

The following comments are examples of this feedback:

  • "Back home I have tried to apply the standards of care I have seen at the Hammersmith Hospital. I am confident that this will make a big difference to the way we treat our patients". --AS Sudan
  • "I have advised all my colleagues in my team how to monitor the response to TKI treatment. We now use the terme CHR, CCyR and PCR in our follow-ups, which is a big change" --SW Sri Lanka
  • "It was an honour and a pleasure to have participated in this training, despite the vast difference between these institutions and hospitals in developing countries. It is certain that all is not feasible to us but we can certainly learn to improve our management." -- TH Madagascar
  • "…it was very useful to learn both the clinical and laboratory aspects of Quantitative BCR ABL and I think this will certainly improve the management of our patients." -- RS Pakistan
  • "…I have clarity in my mind on how to proceed with management of patients who become resistant to first line tyrosine kinase inhibitors and even those who are resistant to second-line TKIs." -- PM India

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