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EMail notifications


When you are registered on the iCMLf website, you are automatically subscribed to the "Difficult CML cases Forum". Subscription means that you receive an email notification when someone leaves a message in the forum and the moderator approves this message. This way, you will never miss a Forum message as you do not need to return to the forum regularly to check if there are new cases or replies being posted.


If you want to unsubscribe from the Forum messages, please go to the "iCMLf Difficult cases in CML Forum" and then click on the unsubscribebutton. After doing so, you will no longer receive email notifications from this forum.


You can turn on the e-mail notification at any time by clicking on the subscribebutton in the Difficult Cases in CML Forum.


See also the iCMLf Discussion Forum Rules, which describes the privacy policy and the rules for submissions of forum messages.