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iCMLf TitleLockUp Kili2019 2 KopieJuly 2019 - The iCMLf has a goal: to find a cure for CML. We want every patient with CML to achieve long-term remission doesn’t require ongoing therapy.

The iCMLf has formed a CURE CONSORTIUM to drive research for a cure. But to get started we need major funding. And we need YOUR support.

With the Climb for cure 2019 we are actively seeking funds to support the iCMLf CURE Program.

Your contribution will really make a difference.

June 2019 - We are delighted to present to you the new edition of the iCMLf Newsletter with many highlights from our well established programs and introducing the iCMLf CURE Consortium. 
iCMLf Newsletter June19

Contents overview:

  • iCMLf Global Genomic Alliance - working towards a cure for CML
  • iCMLf Climb for a cure 2019 - seeking funds for the iCMLf Cure Consortium
  • 2019 iCMLf Prizes - recognising inspirational efforts in CML
  • iCMLf Forum 2018 - perspectives on treating CML from Ghana and Thailand

 Download the June 2019 Newsletter here

Altitude trainingMount Kilimanjaro can be climbed. CML can be cured

March 2019 - By supporting the Mt Kilimanjaro:Climb for a Cure 2019 you will help us raise urgently needed funds for the iCMLf CURE Program.

Support the iCMLf’s Climb for a Cure 2019 and you can be part of the team! Let’s raise funds together and spread the word about this great initiative to make Climb for a Cure 2019 a great success.

GoldmanPrize medal RGB reducFebruary 2019 - For ten years now, the International CML Foundation has been honouring people who have made outstanding contributions to our understanding of the biology of CML and to advance the management of CML.

There is now a long list of deserving awardees and we are very pleased to introduce you to the prize recipients in 2019:

  • Rowley Prize - Professor Michael Deininger (USA). This award acknowledges outstanding contributions to the understanding of the biology of CML and is awarded to Michael Deininger in recognition of his involvement in researching the biology of CML that has contributed to the establishment of TKI-based therapies and significantly changed the way CML is diagnosed, monitored and treated today.
  • Goldman Prize – Professor François-Xavier Mahon (France). This prize recognises outstanding contributions to the clinical management of CML and is awarded to François-Xavier Mahon for his pioneering work in leading the discussion on treatment-free remission and treatment discontinuation by providing solid scientific evidence through numerous pioneering studies.
  • iCMLf Prize – Dr Carolina Pavlovsky (Argentina). The iCMLf prize recognises outstanding contributions to improving the treatment of CML in the emerging economic regions. Carolina Pavlovsky receives the prize for her efforts to continually bringing in the ‘real-world’ perspective into the scientific discussion of CML management and for her commitment to finding workable solutions for those areas with limited access to resources. 

iCMLf Forum 2018 Hughes 1

January 2019 - On the iCMLf website you will now find webstreams of all the presentations held at the 2018 iCMLf Forum for Physicians from Emerging Regions.

  • Perspectives on treating CML in pregnant patients
    Professor Dragana Milojkovic (UK) and Dr Amma Benneh-Akwasi Kuma (Ghana)
  • Perspectives on treating CML in pediatric patients
    Professor Meinolf Suttorp (Germany)
  • Perspectives on adherence during TKI therapy
    Professor Saengsuree Jottar (Thailand)

CML Summary ASH 2018 Kopie

Expert interviews and scientific summary available

January 2019 - The iCMLf is pleased to present to you conference coverage from the CML education session at the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting (ASH 2018) in San Diego. This includes expert video interviews with speakers on their perspectives on the session and a scientific summary report of this session and relevant abstracts.

These summaries have been created by Springer Healthcare IME, Springer’s independent medical education unit and are brought to you with support from Bristol Myers Squibb.