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April 2020 - In addition to our current, urgent commitment to support the CML community with reliable information about COVID-19 and CML during the pandemic, we also continue with our efforts working towards a cure for CML.

Thanks to the funds raised with the Climb for a cure Mount Kilimanjaro in November 2019 we can now begin projects within the iCMLf CURE CONSORTIUM. The iCMLf Genomics Alliance is investigating the role particular somatic mutations play in clinical outcomes. The new iCMLf TFR Alliance, will explore key factors responsible for both successful and unsuccessful treatment free remission attempts.

The iCMLf Genomics Alliance – developing a genome-based risk-calculator for newly diagnosed CML patients

The iCMLf Genomics Alliance aims to harness the wealth of genomic information that is generated in local CML research projects by building a platform to facilitate data assimilation and sample exchanges.

In a first step, the Alliance plans to develop a genome-based predictor that will be validated prospectively. Following that, we will test whether a composite approach combining the validated genomic risk score with a clinically based risk score (e.g. SKOKAL, EUTOS or ELTS) will allow us to more reliably identify these high-risk patient categories.

Learn more about the iCMLf Genomics Alliance here

Treatment Free Remission - Maximising achievement while minimising risks

The mission of the iCMLf TFR Alliance is to maximise achievement of TFR while minimising failed TFR attempts and other negative outcomes.

The focus of the current work is on safety of TFR. In a first project we will investigate the long-term safety of TFR by establishing a global TFR registry. A second project will work on case studies in blastic transformation and other outcomes.

Learn more about the iCMLf TFR Alliance here

These are important first steps on the long road to finding a cure for CML that would not have been possible without the support of the Climb for a cure: Mount Kilimanjaro team and our corporate sponsors who raised over US $300,000.

If you want to learn more, click here to see our Climb for a cure Mount Kilimanjaro video or read our Climb for a cure Mount Kilimanjaro Diary.

We will keep you updated on the work of the two Alliances as we come closer to our common goal: a cure for CML.