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iCMLf thanks all its contributors, calls for donations

The activities of the iCMLf are supporting healthcare professionals to access knowledge, skills and tools in order to achieve the best possible outcomes, especially in regions where this assistance is most needed. As a charitable foundation, this is only possible through unrestricted grants and donations. We are grateful for the first private donations that have reached us. Please donate, we appreciate your support!

In addition, for 2011, the iCMLf is very pleased to recognise Novartis Oncology and Bristol Myers-Squibb as a Premium Sponsors, Ariad as Major Sponsor, and The Max Foundation for sponsoring the Virtual Education Program. We are grateful for all support that enables us to support better care for CML patients.

iCMLf: The first 6 months

The International Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Foundation (iCMLf) is now 6 months old and it has certainly been a productive 6 months. The aim of the iCMLf is to address the challenges faced by the international CML community, be they patients, carers, clinicians, nurses or scientists. This will be through specific programs, unrestricted grants, clinical trials, education and influence. In this capacity the Foundation was proud to launch the first Emerging Regions Support and Partnership (ERSAP) project, the ERSAP Preceptorship Program, a unique opportunity for clinicians from developing countries to undertake an intensive educational program to develop and expand their CML management skills. 28 candidates from developing countries are now enrolled and ready to begin this program.

ASH 2011: Summaries of the CML Education Session and Key CML Presentations

Like every year in December, about 21.000 hematologists and health professionals (as well as a small group of patient advocates) convened at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) to hear latest news from clinical trials. The CML Advocates Network has attended the CML sessions and summarized the key presentations and posters on Nilotinib, Dasatinib, Bosutinib, Ponatinib, DCC-2036, Imatinib-Interferon combination, STOP studies, as well as some studies on CML and diabetes or fatigue, complemented by a patients' perspective. Read the summary of the CML Education Session and the summary of key highlights in the scientific sessions on CML.

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Reversing the Chronic Phase

john_goldmanDespite considerable scepticism about any possible clinical value of tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) in the early 1990s, imatinib at an oral dose of 400mg daily has now become standard initial treatment for all CML patients who present in Chronic Phase (CP). After 8 years follow up, the estimated survival for patients treated with imatinib is 85%, which is substantially better than patients treated with interferon alone or interferon plus cytarabine. The adverse effects of imatinib are definitely manageable in most instances.