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Patient Education: two useful resources to share with your CML patients

October 2014 - ‘Patient education is an essential supplement to good professional healthcare.’* With the on going success of TKI therapies and greater numbers of CML patients remaining on treatment, many for life, people who have an interest in self-education will continue to grow. Patient specific educational resources are very valuable and we share two of these with you today. We hope these are useful, not only for our members who are patients and or patient advocates, but also for physicians around the world to share with their patients.

New Structure and a Fresh Look: the iCMLf Website is relaunchedScreenshot Homepage 

August 2014 - The iCMLf has relaunched its website. Programs, discussions and education on this interactive platform now have a new structure and a fresh new look to make the multi-layered content more accessible. We invite you to see and look for yourself on a tour around the new website.

Truly global in focus - Interview with Timothy Hughes, chair of the iCMLf

NEW PHOTO Hughes T 02-mod2 Kopie 2

July 2014 - “We wanted to spread the benefit of new knowledge, effective drugs and accurate monitoring beyond the developed world. This was our first and is still our highest priority”. (Tim Hughes)

Q1: Great advances have been made in the management of patients with CML during the last couple of years. Where do you currently still see the biggest challenges and how could we best meet those challenges?

The outlook for a newly diagnosed CML patient is very positive in 2014 – a complete turnaround from the situation they faced even in the 1990s. However we still see CML patients transform into blast crisis in the first one or two years of kinase inhibitor therapy. We must find ways to identify these patients before they transform and trial innovative approaches. This remains one of our biggest challenges.

Dr J Apperley 2010

Professor Jane Apperley becomes a new member of the
iCMLf Board of Directors

April, 2014 - The iCMLf is delighted to announce that Professor Jane Apperley has accepted our invitation to join the iCMLf Board of Directors as a new member. “She is a leading expert in CML monitoring and management and has been a strong supporter of the Foundation through her work with preceptors at the Hammersmith Hospital”, said Tim Hughes, chair of the iCMLf.

The inaugural iCMLf Goldman Prize is awarded to Professor RüdigerHehlmann Portraitfoto 2012 Hehlmann

February, 2014 - In addition to the Rowley Prize that the iCMLf awards annually to individuals that have made a major lifetime contribution to the understanding of the biology of CML, the iCMLf Directors have created a second prize. The recently launched Goldman Prize complements the Rowley Prize as a clinical equivalent by recognising lifetime contributions to the management of patients with CML. The new award has been created in memory of the late iCMLf chair to honour Professor Goldman´s commitment to clinical excellence in treating CML.

Tim Hughes becomes the new iCMLf chair – 

tim hughes

Jorge Cortes to chair the annual "John Goldman Conference on CML"

February 2014 - Following the sudden death of Professor John Goldman the iCMLf Directors have nominated Professor Tim Hughes as the next chairman of the foundation. Dr Hughes is one of the co-founders of the Foundation and has helped to shape the iCMLf’s strategy and programs for the past five years as member of the Board of Directors.