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EHA 2023May 2022 - There are only a few weeks to go until the 2023 Congress of the European Hematology Association (EHA). The congress will be held as a hybrid meeting in Frankfurt:

  • June 8-11: Live streamed program                                   
  • June 14-15: Virtual days

To help you plan your CML meeting schedule at EHA we have compiled a list of CML related sessions for your convenience.

Collage LiptonRosti KopieMay 2022 - Our ‘Meet-the-CML-Experts’ live Q&A Session this year is getting closer.
And we hope to see you there!

During this 45-min Q&A session on May 31st at 2 pm CEST, you will have the chance to ask all your questions on managing safety issues and strategies for dose optimisation to our panel of CML experts; Professor Jeff Lipton and Professor Gianantonio Rosti.

Take the chance to get a first-hand expert opinion to help your clinical practice.

Get in first and submit your questions now!

Collage LiptonRosti Kopie

Save-the-date: May 31st, 2023 at 2 pm Central European Summer Time

April 2023 - After last year’s great success, we will host another Meet-the-CML-Experts Q&A session in May. Save 2pm CEST May 31st to your calendar for this iCMLf Conversation and submit your questions and cases.

Professors Jeff Lipton (Canada) and Gianantonio Rosti (Italy) will be available as our panel of CML experts for a 45-minute live Q&A session.

This time, we will focus on two topics that are highly relevant for your clinical practice:

  • Managing safety issues and TKI toxicities
  • Strategies for dose optimisation

You can submit your questions and cases even before the meeting through our survey to come or by emailing

iCMLf Prize medal 1 KopieApril 2023 - The iCMLf Prize honours people who have done outstanding work improving CML management under resource-constraint conditions in low and middle-income countries. Each year, we receive many nominations from the CML community for this prize…

And it’s always difficult to make a choice...

This year the iCMLf prize was awarded to Professor Iryna Dyagil and Dr Kostyantyn Kotlyarchuk, two Ukrainian hematologists in recognition of their work for people with CML under the challenging conditions of war and disruption.

In addition, there were also 11 physicians and patient advocates from ten different countries who were nominated for their dedication and life changing work for people with CML.

Today we are taking the opportunity to acknowledge all of the nominees and to thank them for their work to help people with CML in low and middle-income countries – through their research, their clinical practice and through their advocacy.

With the mission to improve outcomes for people with CML globally, a core part of the role of the iCMLf is to ensure best practice treatment for people with CML around the world. Since 2010 our programs throughout low- and middle-income countries have expanded access to CML education, networks, and discussions - all of which have improved the way CML is managed. In 2023 we are delighted to announce a new program – iCMLf Regional Discussions on CML.

iCMLf RDG Logo 

Jerald Radich

March 2023 - The iCMLf is delighted to announce that Professor Jerry Radich, Director of the Radich Laboratory and the Molecular Oncology Laboratory at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle (USA), is the winner of the 2023 Rowley Prize. The iCMLf Rowley Prize is awarded to celebrate people who have made outstanding lifetime contributions to the understanding of the biology of CML.

“I am honored and humbled by receiving the Rowley Prize. To be included in the company of past winners, under the name of the miraculous Janet Rowley, strains my belief and comprehension. I cannot adequately enough thank those who have given me this award, and those in my lab who have actually done the work.” (Professor Jerry Radich)