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EHA Jane Apperley

August 2017 - Three additional presentations have been added to the Virtual Education Program. These talks are adapted from those presented during EHA in June and cover different aspects on the management of CML. We like to thank all the experts for making this online educational service possible.  
View the following new presentations featuring:

EHA 2017

July 2017 - Important CML news was among the scientific data presented at the 22nd Meeting of the European Association of Hematology (EHA) in Madrid. This included; data on the use of dasatinib in children and adolescents, new data comparing bosutinib with imatinib in frontline therapy and the 24-month results from the British Destiny Study. 

We are delighted to provide you with summaries of this key CML information presented at the congress and to have two CML experts sharing their personal perspectives of the EHA highlights.

Map Africa

May 2017 - In order to better recognise the scientific achievements in the emerging economic countries the iCMLf has recently launched a new section of the website that features key CML publications from these regions. You will find interesting articles on CML that have been published in peer-reviewed journals in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The page will be updated regularly with new publications from the emerging economic regions. We also rely on your help. If you have an interesting CML paper or article from your country to share, please email to and provide us with the details. We will be happy to review your suggestion.

You can access the new ERSAP Publications page here


April 2017 - The iCMLf Diagnosis and Testing Program offers seeding grants to hematology institutions in emerging economic regions. The aim of the program is to facilitate the diagnosis, testing and long-term disease monitoring of CML patients in emerging economic regions where it is either limited, or not currently available.

Over five years the iCMLf have awarded 42 grants to enable CML diagnostics to be expanded and enhanced at a local level. This gives both physicians and patients the knowledge to make meaningful decisions on treatment. In 2017 the Foundation will again offer 10 grants with funding of up to $10,000.

Applications will close on the 30th of June 2017. Proposals are welcome to or read more for further information on how to apply.

Jorge Cortes 2013

March 2017 - Two additional presentations have recently been added to the iCMLf Virtual Education Program. These talks cover different aspects on modern diagnostics and were recorded during the ‘Clinical Symposium on Modern Diagnostics’ at the 18th Annual John Goldman Conference on CML in Houston last year. Now view presentations on

View other presentations on modern diagnostics here.

Logo Rare Disease Day

February 2017 - February 28th is Rare Disease Day! Today organizations supporting rare diseases and patients all over the world raise awareness for rare diseases aiming to improve access to treatment and care for 300 millions of people affected by rare diseases.

The outcomes for patients with CML have improved significantly over the past years thanks to new treatment options available, but there is still a lot to do to grant equal access to appropriate treatment and monitoring for patients around the world, especially in emerging economic regions– one of the core objectives of the iCMLf.

Learn more about rare disease here, courtesy of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance.

Make sure to get involved using #RareDiseaseDay