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iCMLf Newsletter June 16

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June 2016 - contents overview:

  • iCMLf Clinical Preceptorship Program - offering long-lasting benefits
  • New iCMLf educational news services - covering the latest advances in CML
  • CML story published in Blood - CML treatment-free remission critieria outlined
  • iCMLf Prizes - recognising outstanding contributions to CML management
  • iCMLf John Goldman Fund - supporting young physicians from the emerging regions
  • Upcoming important scientific meeting


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susan branford

April 2016 - The iCMLf has awarded the 2016 iCMLf prize to Associate Professor Susan Branford. This award recognises the critically important work she has performed to improve the quality and availability of reliable molecular testing for CML in the emerging regions. Her efforts have significantly impacted and improved the management of so many CML patients in these regions.

The iCMLf Prize is awarded annually by the iCMLf to recognise outstanding contributions to the improvement of CML treatment in the emerging economic regions. The iCMLf Prize was formally named the ERSAP (Emerging Regions Support and Partnership Prize) and was first awarded in 2015 to Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, CEO of The Max Foundation.

05 medwireNews2

April 2016 - We are delighted to announce that from April we will be bringing you a monthly news service covering the latest clinical and scientific advances in CML.

The news service, provided by medwireNews Springer Healthcare’s independent news bureau, will include summaries of key CML publications. The CML stories are based on articles published in international peer-reviewed journals, or conference sessions and written by highly experienced and knowledgeable writers. 

With this independent educational service we continue to expand our online educational platform complementing other services such as the Virtual Education Program or the Case Discussion Forum. Our aim is to grant equal access to CML education in all parts of the world for the purpose of best possible care for all CML patients.

Nora HeisterkampJohn Groffen

March 2016 - In 2016 the iCMLf Directors and a panel of previous prize winners, have named two renowned scientists as the recipients of the 2016 Rowley Prize: Professor John Groffen and Professor Nora Heisterkamp. This prestigious award celebrates the people who have made outstanding lifetime contributions to the understanding of the biology of CML.

Dr Groffen and Dr Heisterkamp are recognised as co-discoverers of the genes that are directly involved in the t(9;22) Philadelphia (Ph) translocation found in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). They localized the human c-ABL gene on chromosome 9 and molecularly cloned and mapped the gene. By isolation of breakpoint fragments, they showed that the ABL gene becomes fused to sequences on the Ph-chromosome in CML. They molecularly cloned this region on chromosome 22 and named it the “breakpoint cluster region" (BCR) gene. Further studies with null mutant bcr mice were undertaken to elucidate the normal cellular function of Bcr.

Hagop Kantarjian

March 2016 - The iCMLf awards the 2016 Goldman Prize to Professor Hagop Kantarjian in recognition of his groundbreaking discoveries, including new targeted-therapies that improved prognosis and survival in patients with CML. The annual Goldman Prize awarded in honour of Professor John Goldman, acknowledges outstanding lifetime contributions to the management of patients with CML.

As a clinical-translational researcher, Professor Kantarjian has contributed to significant improvements in the treatment of various leukemias, including the development and testing of first- and second-generation tyrosine kinase inhibitors. He was a key investigator in clinical trials that led to the approval of imatinib as a treatment for CML. “I try to identify leads in the leukemia laboratory research that can be translated into clinical investigations that advance the care and cure in leukemias”, he explains about his approach.

March 2016 - Webstreams of the presentations from the iCMLf Forum for Physicians from Emerging Regions 2015 are now available to view. Presenters give the local perspectives on each topic followed by discussion with the audience and iCMLf experts.

Forum 2015 Speakers red

View the practicalities of:

  1. Managing children with CML 
    Professor Deepak Bansal (India) and Professor Meinolf Suttorp (Germany)
  2. Practicalities treating CML with generic therapies 
    Dr Carolina Pavlovsky (Argentina) and Professor Jeff Lipton (Canada)
  3. Challenges with long term CML therapy
    Professor Qian Jiang (China) and Professor Michael Mauro (USA)