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iCMLf Diagnosis and Testing Program - EXTENDED DEADLINE

July 2018 - The iCMLf Diagnosis and Testing Program is still open for applications. We have extended the deadline for a couple of weeks so don't miss out the opportunity for funding. Proposals are welcome until August 17th, 2018. 
The iCMLf Diagnosis and Testing Program offers seeding grants to hematology institutions in emerging economic regions. The aim of the program is to facilitate the diagnosis, testing and long-term disease monitoring of CML patients in emerging economic regions where it is either limited, or not currently available.

Over six years the iCMLf have awarded 48 grants to enable CML diagnostics to be expanded and enhanced at a local level. This gives both physicians and patients the knowledge to make meaningful decisions on treatment. In 2018 the Foundation will offer 10 grants with funding of up to $10,000.

Applications will close August 17, 2018 2018. Proposals are welcome to arlene@cml-foundation.org.
Read more for further information on how to apply.

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paths iconsiCMLf Knowledge Centre - new eLearning tool for clinicians, molecular biologists and pathologists

June 2018 - The iCMLf is delighted to announce the launch of the iCMLf Knowledge Centre, an interactive online resource providing educational content on CML. This new resource complements the other major online educational programs as part or our efforts to improve clinical practice and disease monitoring in CML worldwide through global education initiatives.

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New edition of the iCMLf Newsletter - available now

iCMLf Newsletter I 2018June 2018 - We are delighted to present to you the new edition of the iCMLf Newsletter that features the Foundation's activities and programs over the last six months. 
Download the pdf file here
Contents overview:

  • News from the iCMLf - supporters and experts from the Foundation
  • iCMLf progam update - news from our core programs and activities
  • Summary of key publications - 5-year results from the phase II PACE trial
  • iCMLf educational services - new interactive eLearning tool for CML

Mauro Saglio 2Michael Mauro and Giuseppe Saglio join the iCMLf Board of Directors
April 2018 - We are delighted to announce new members of the iCMLf board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Committee. The iCMLf was formed to assist the CML scientific community by leading haematologists in the field. As such, the trustees and advisors of the Foundation are all key CML experts. These people are critical to the strength of the iCMLf giving most generously of their time and expertise. In 2018 we welcome 2 new Directors and 4 new advisors to the iCMLf.

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David RossView new lectures on 'Future Directions for CML', 'TKI toxicities', and 'The CML frontier'

April 2018 - There are five new presentations on various aspects of CML management. All are recordings of leading expert presentations during a key-opinion leaders' meeting in Adelaide (Australia).

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VEP SuttorpScientific presentations from the John Goldman Conference on CML

April 2018 - Three presentations recorded during the 2017 John Goldman Conference on CML have been added to the Virtual Education Program. These talks cover different aspects on therapeutic interventions in children and adolescents with CML, adherence to therapy and the prevalence of CML.

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